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Orange County Restraining Order Attorney

Restraining Order Defense Lawyer in Orange County

In California, a restraining order is generally defined as an injunction from the court requiring that one person does not have any contact with another or others.  In most cases, restraining orders are issued in response to alleged violence, stalking, harassment or other similar case.  Protective orders such as these can remain in effect for up to 5 years, or until the person who requested the restraining order requests its removal, or a judge sees no further reason for it to continue. 

Restraining orders can have serious consequences in your life.  If you are ordered to stay away from a person with whom you share a residence, you will face a barrage of problems and circumstances that can be financially and emotionally difficult to handle.  With the help of Orange County restraining order lawyer Ryan Rodriguez, you can have the proper defense against a restraining order and the undesirable and disagreeable circumstances resulting from these court injunctions. 

Types of Restraining Orders in Orange County

There are several types of restraining orders that an alleged victim can file against you.  Some of these include:

  • Criminal Protective Order/No Contact Order – This type of restraining order is usually issued in instances of domestic violence. 
  • TRO – Temporary Restraining Order – This type of protective order is temporary, lasting only an amount of weeks.  It can, however, be made permanent. 
  • EPO – Emergency Protective Order – This type of restraining order is issued by law enforcement agents and is valid for five days. 

When you are served with a restraining order, you do have a right to respond to the allegations put forth in the order by the alleged victim.  The Law Offices of Ryan Rodriguez is a legal group with extensive experience defending individuals who have been served with restraining orders in Orange County.  While you can fight a situation like this alone, it is not to your best advantage to take on the California legal system by yourself and you could get much better results when you have an experienced attorney advocating your interests. 

Contact Orange County Restraining Order Lawyer Ryan Rodriguez today if you have been or will be served with any type of restraining order in California. 

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