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Orange County Drug Possession Attorney

Drug Possession Lawyer in Orange County

Possession of controlled substances is a criminal offense.  Depending upon the amount and type of drug that you were allegedly in possession of, you could be charged with either a misdemeanor possession charge or a felony possession charge.  Another important factor in determining the charges and penalties is any prior criminal record that you might have.  Because of California’s “three strikes” law, you could be subject to enhanced consequences after a conviction if you have a prior “strike” on your record. 

Orange County drug possession lawyer Ryan Rodriguez is dedicated to providing you with a vigorous defense that is geared toward providing you with the best possible chance at a desirable outcome in your case.  You can count on the Law Offices of Ryan Rodriguez to provide you with experienced and efficient legal counsel no matter what your drug possession charges include. 

If you are convicted of possessing a controlled substance in California, you could face the following punishments:

  • Years in prison
  • Up to millions of dollars in fines
  • Probation
  • Community service
  • Drug education/treatment program
  • “Strike” on your record

Mr. Rodriguez knows that your future freedom is important to you and to your family.  That is why he will work with you to create a solid defense targeted at getting you the results that you are looking for in your case. 

Drug Programs & Alternative Sentencing

Depending upon the circumstances of your drug possession charges, your lawyer may be able to get you into a drug program as an alternative to facing jail or other penalties. Alternative sentencing was designed to help individuals overcome drug problems and addictions by attending a drug treatment program instead of going to jail. Some alternative sentences your attorney may be able to get you include:

Proposition 36
Proposition 36 allows a defendant to attend a drug treatment program in conjunction with probation instead of serving time in jail. Upon completing their alternative sentence, the defendant's charges will be dropped. Individuals who commit violent offenses are ineligible to participate in this program under proposition 36.    
Drug Court

Drug court is similar to Prop. 36 because it was created to handle the cases of individuals suffering from drug addictions. Drug court allows non-violent drug offenders the opportunity to enter a drug treatment program as part of their probation instead of serving a jail sentence.The case will be dismissed after the defendant completes the program.


As an alternative sentence, diversion allows a defendant to plead guilty to their drug charges, after which they will have to successfully complete a drug diversion program, otherwise they will be sentenced to regular penalties. If they complete the program, their case will be dismissed. 

PC 1000

Penal Code 1000 permits first-time drug offenders without prior records to attend a four month class that meets once a week in lieu of serving jail time.  When an individual completes the class, and manages to avoid getting charged with another criminal offense for a 18 month period afterward, and pays all their legal fees, their case will be dismissed. 

Orange County Possession Lawyer

When you have been charged with such a serious crime as drug possession, you will want to do everything you can to make certain that you have a useful and effective defense.  Attorney Ryan Rodriguez is an accomplished litigator – he has the familiarity with California criminal law that you can count on when you find yourself facing serious misdemeanor or felony drug possession charges.  When you are looking for a veteran advocate who will fight for your rights and support you throughout your case, Mr. Rodriguez will be able to give you the assistance that you need. 

Contact Orange County Drug Possession Lawyer Ryan Rodriguez today if you are facing possession charges in California.    

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